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Stage Fright Remedies 2

Stage Fright Remedies - The Plot Thickens. So you've learnt your parts inside out and it's the big day - or night. Here's the next tip to help overcome "stage fright" problems. Btw If you're in a from a Search Engine - Hi ... missed the first installment? Have a quick look at Stage Fright Remedies #1

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Stage Fright Remedies #2 - A Few Hours before the Gig

As part of your Stage Fright Remedies plan, it's a good idea to do a mental and physical warm-up on the day of the performance.

Run through the set chords and lyrics quickly on your own, a few hours before the gig with and without your instrument. Play through the whole set if you want to, but allow a couple of hours to pass before you perform.

  • Stage Fright Remedies Tip This resting period between the run through and the performance is vital!
  • Stage Fright Remedies Tip Don't eat a heavy meal close to the start of a gig as this can make you lethargic - you'll probably be too nervous to eat anyway... hmmm ;-).
Stage Fright Remedies Tip It is strongly recommended that you write out a set-list (for each member of the band if that's the case), and know exactly what's coming up next.

Ok we're nearly there and the next few pointers will help you settle down quickly into the gig. Remember, the less you have to worry about, the more relaxed you will be - let your "autopilot" direct you at this stage. It gets easier the more you gig or perform if you follow these guidelines.

Ok onto Stage Fright Remedies 3





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