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Stage Fright Remedies 3

Stage Fright Remedies - You've learned your stuff and warmed up for the gig on the day. What else can you do to ensure a smooth, nerve-free performance? What about tip number 3? Missed the first installment? Have a quick look at Stage Fright Remedies #1

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Stage Fright Remedies #3 - Check Your Equipment
  • Make sure that your instruments and equipment are in good working order.
  • If you're a guitarist make sure your strings are in good shape and keep spares just in case.
  • Check all your leads by shaking them as your moving around at the sound-check, and playing as you would during the gig. Don't fall off the tables ;-).
  • Check all battery powered gear, and once again keep a few spares.
  • Be ready with backups like this in the event of possible "emergencies".

By making sure that you are well prepared for your gig in this way, you will know that you can go out there with more confidence, and this will help your "stage-fright" and performance.

Ok let's wrap things up with the final part of this little stage fright remedies series and go onto Stage Fright Remedies 4





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