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Guitar Free Lessons

Guitar Free Lessons Here's a selection of free guitar lessons on offer at the UniGTR+ Center. Original demos and backing tracks included. See the UniGTR+ ALL levels and STYLES - Best online courses and online learning media. ... UniGTR+ Researched + Recommended - Backed by 25 year playing and persistence learning ... see below 4 details.

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Sign up for your free (for now) Uni Musicians E-Zine In the near future this exclusive listing will be a paid only membership - now's your chance to get in for free.




Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30

Best Software Online Learning Use the Power of your PC to speed-learn on your Guitar or any instrument ... Coming Soon.

Screaming Fingers Guitar Chops width=30 height=30
Screaming Fingers Learn how to build advanced mega-chops! Van Halen, Vai, Satch, Malmsteen, are just some of the styles/players covered.


Acoustic Guitar Workshop width=30 height=30 

Acoustic Guitar Workshop Beginner to Advanced techniques covered - quality audio + tab program. Impressive qualifications.

 Learn Piano Online width=30 height=30
Learn Piano Online This comprehensive program includes 60 free + quality lessons. Includes clever software and good audio.


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Online Guitar Lesson / Courses / Graded


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Guitar Free Lessons - Online

Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30Beginner Guitar Level

Beginner Guitar Chord Families - Play hundreds of songs with the basic family of Chords.

Beginner Blues - The easy to learn + play Minor Pentatonic Scale .. a Blues staple!

Beginner Major Scale - Your sure to recognize this one - anyone for a bit of Oasis?

You absolutely must be familiar with movig the Pentatonic Minor around the neck if you play lead guitar.

It's a basic scale for not only Blues but Rock too, used exceptionally well by players like Michael Schenker from UFO and The Scorpions, up to Eric Johnson. A great scale to build on.

Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30Guitar Free Lessons - Blues

Blues Beginnings Here the basic scale to build on. In the UniGTR+ system of Beyond the Blues, this is the building block scale and solid foundation you need to know.

Blues Scale An easy way to spice up the above Pentatonic Minor "Blues" scale is to add some "Blues Notes". But this is just the beginning and our next lesson will deal with that.

Exploring The Pentatonic

Check out this cool "Exploring The Pentatonic" guitar lesson video. Excellent presentation and teacher - credits to the author (check out his site listed in the video it's the biz!).


Guitar Free Lessons -Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30Modes

Modal Madness Guitar Lesson Online - Here's a bit of hot Modal Madness. A Guitar Lesson technique that can fire up your solos AND Song Writing Skills - Beginners to Advanced fans. An understanding of Modes and how to use them effectively, will boost your soloing to the next stratosphere.

Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30 Chords

Guitar Chords A good grounding in chordal work will boost your playing immensely, but take it beyond the basics, and your into a new and exciting land.

Guitar Chord Chart A growing list ..

Guitar Chord List From A to Z .. well A to G actually - includes Basic Chord families List.

Guitar Chord - C Add 9/11: Watch out - C Add 9/11 Chord About!

Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30The All Styles Pentatonic Major

Pentatonic Major A basic look at this cool sounding and easy learning/playing scale. You probably are familiar with the shapes already ...

The Pentatonic Major Guitar Lesson Online - From Albert Lee to Noel Gallagher, Lizzy to the Darkness... Pop, Rock, Jazz - a versatile and easy to play scale.

Guitar Free LessonsFlying V Gibson width=30 height=30 Tablature

Guitar Tablature Guitar Lesson Online - Reading tips and help. Tab is so easy to learn, and you can be playing new material in minutes, once you have a basic understanding. The Basics are included in this Guitar Lesson ... The more you read Tab and use it, the easier it becomes - a cool tool.

Guitar Free LessonsFlying V Gibson width=30 height=30Tuning

Guitar Tuning Guitar Lesson Online - Keeping your gee-tar tuned is THE first step in sounding HOT and Professional! For the Pro's it's: 'Tune-up perfectly and THEN play' is the order of the day. Even intermediate players might pick up a tip or two from the following Guitar Lesson Tuning Tips.

UniGTR+ Feed

UniGTR+ Feed/Blog Sign up here to get the latest site updates, lessons, playing tips and more.

Guitar Lesson Online / All Levels / Styles


Guitar Made Easy width=30 height=30

Guitar Made Easy Aimed at Beginners to Intermediate - 20 years Teacher/Playing experience. Very popular + effective course.

Jamorama Guitar Course width=30 height=30

Jamarama Includes free, effective and fun learning software. Aimed at all levels. Learn how to play tunes by ear, good e-mail tips.


Guitar Scales Method width=30 height=30 

Guitar Scales Method Master scales and Modes on your instrument with this very effective software. Free Trial version available.

Guitar leads width=30 height=30 

Guitar Leads - Quality program aimed at Beginner to Intermediate guitar players. Audio + Tab. 30 years Teacher/Player Experience.






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