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There are many online tools and programs available nowadays to Guitarists and varied Musicians of all types ...






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  • In this part of the UniGTR+ Online Guitar Lesson, we look at a quality Arpeggios Software package.
  • You'll hear these type of Arpeggios in the works of Yngvie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale and many other tech style players.
  • Not to mention the likes of George Benson and the Jazz fraternity - it's a fiery technique well worth adding to your armor!
  • UniGTR+ Researched and Recommended.
  • This online guitar lesson / course below is recommended for the Intermediate to Advanced guitar player with some level of soloing proficiency already.
  • UniGTR+ is 4-Ever XPANDING ...
  • Sign up free for the Uni Musicians E-zine here - free lessons, tips, chat, news, competitions ...

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Guitar Solo Software - Arpeggios







Guitar Solo Software - Arpeggios

Here's an excerpt of what's included...

Guitar Arpeggio Licks

  • A Guitar Arpeggio Collection / 500 Guitar Arpeggios.
  • A Guitar Arpeggio Collection Designed for both Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar players.
  • Every Guitar Arpeggio is written in Guitar Tablature (guitar tabs) and Standard Musical Notation.
  • Includes Guitar Lessons on Morphing Lick ...
  • Suitable for guitar players of any style of music.
  • TABLATURE REFERENCE GUIDE that shows you how to read the included guitar tablature finger patterns.
  • INTEGRATED SOUND for every pattern in the expansion pack.
  • EASY TO USE NAVIGATION software that allows you to scan through each lick one by one, go directly to a lick you want to focus on, and listen to a lick with the simple click of the mouse.
  • GUITAR FRETBOARD MAP that contains all of the finger positions for all of the notes on the guitar neck.
  • INSTRUCTION ON MORPHING these licks and riffs.
  • PRACTICE TIPS to allow you to get the most out of your practicing time.
  • PRINTABLE BOOK ON DEMAND that contains all of the finger patterns in this arsenal.
  • Designed for BEGINNING TO ADVANCED guitar players.
This product available for immediate electronic download delivery with an option to also receive your purchase on CD Free! A big plus I believe. eg Having a CD version is ideal if you have a slow internet connection/defends against crashes etc.
Worldwide CD shipping and handling is fast + FREE, and includes the electronic download delivery version that you can download immediately and use while you wait for your CD to arrive in the mail.
With instant delivery, you can download and start using the product within minutes of making your purchase.
UniGT+ recommends this Arpeggios + Guitar Solo Software / Lesson / Course for the Intermediate player stages interested in adding some tech-spice or advanced techniques to their guitar soloing. Cool Arpeggios Rule!
UniGTR+ Researched Online Guitar Lessons / Courses

Guitar Made Easy width=30 height=30

Guitar Made Easy Aimed at Beginners to Intermediate - 20 years Teacher/Playing experience. Very popular + effective course.

Jamorama Guitar Course width=30 height=30

Jamarama Includes free, effective and fun learning software. Aimed at all levels. Learn how to play tunes by ear, good e-mail tips.


Guitar Scales Method width=30 height=30 

Guitar Scales Method Master scales and Modes on your instrument with this very effective software. Free Trial version available.

Guitar leads width=30 height=30 

Guitar Leads - Quality program aimed at Beginner to Intermediate guitar players. Audio + Tab. 30 years Teacher/Player Experience.


Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30

Best Software Online Learning Use the Power of your PC to speed-learn on your Guitar or any instrument ... Coming Soon.

Screaming Fingers Guitar Chops width=30 height=30
Screaming Fingers Learn how to build advanced mega-chops! Van Halen, Vai, Satch, Malmsteen, are just some of the styles/players covered.


Acoustic Guitar Workshop width=30 height=30 

Acoustic Guitar Workshop Beginner to Advanced techniques covered - quality audio + tab program. Impressive qualifications.

 Learn Piano Online width=30 height=30
Learn Piano Online This comprehensive program includes 60 free + quality lessons. Includes clever software and good audio.


 Guitar Music Theory Software width=30 height=30

Guitar Theory This is an Excellent program and recommended here at UniGTR+ to players of ALL levels. Top Marks!

 UniGTR+ Black Hole width=30 height=30

UniGTR+ Black Hole ??? Could be anything in here at any time due to a time-continuum difference :).



Uni+ Guitar width=30 height=30

Online Guitar Lesson / Courses / Graded

"Only The Very Best, Relevant and Speediest Info is the Aim"

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