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Music Theory Education - Guitar+







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Web Master width=68 height=66 Music Theory Education - Guitar+

There are many online tools and programs available nowadays to Guitarists and varied Musicians of all types...

Music Theory Education - Guitar+ ...

  • Here's a really excellent piece of guitar software. One of the best things about it is that you use it with guitar in hand.
  • Find out what you're playing at the click of the button!
  • Whether it's a Metal Guitar Scale, a Jazz Guitar Scale or Mode, a Guitar Chord or Arpeggio, whatever it is you need to look up you'll find it here fast.
  • Guitar solo software programs/chord tutors are many, but in the UniGTR+ Dimension this one stands well out there for quality, usefulness and sheer size!

 Here's an excerpt of just some of the ground covered.






Guitar Theory Software width=200 height=276

Theory Master



  • Theory Master™ is an advanced solution for beginning and advanced guitarists alike.

Music Theory Education - Guitar+

  • Note Reference Want to quickly know what note you're playing? Simply point and click the location on Theory Master™'s fret board and Theory Master™ will tell you.
  • Fret Board Chords - Simply tell Theory Master™ you want any chord, and it'll display all the notes on the fret-board that make the chord.
  • Custom Tunings Do you use custom tunings? This could either be some funky alternate tuning or simply tuning the guitar down a bit or even using a capo to "move" the nut/barre up the neck.







  • Theory Master™ will let you keep track of these tunings so you don't have to hurt your brain trying to figure out what chords you're playing now that the guitar is tuned differently.
  • New Bonus: Chord Generator In addition to displaying chords on a fret-board Theory Master™ also has a chord generator, which allows you to select the position (ex. 4th fret) and the fret span (ex. 3 frets) and Theory Master™ will present a simple chord diagram for you at the desired location.
  • Fret Board + Guitar Solo Scale/Mode Display Whether you want to simply get a quick view of the major scale or you're curious about the Prometheus Neopolitan scale, 2 clicks will display everything on the fret-board for you.
  • Chord and Scale Formulas Theory Master™ will tell you exactly what to do to play your desired chords and scales but it will also show you the exact formulas.
  • Your Own Jam Tracks The absolute best way to improve your playing (or work out ideas if composing) is to play with someone else (or the piece your composing).
  • Theory Master™ Record Record your own jam track via pc mic (not included).
  • Replay your track in an endless loop while you play along.
  • Record Your Own Tablature Once you've got a lick or solo that you like you can point and click it into tablature so that it can be saved to your computer or printed for sharing with the band or so that it won't be forgotten. Annotates hammer ons, pull offs, bends, etc...
  • Song Writing Theory Master™ will let you create compositions complete with chords, lyrics and notes (drums here, vocals come in here, etc...).
  • Key Analysis Not sure what key a song is written in? You can tell Theory Master™ what the chords are and let it help you figure it out.
  • Key Composition Need to know what chords are in a given key? Theory Master™ will tell you that too.
  • Left handed view / Notes/ Intervals View / Notes View / Toggle / Save / Print


UniGTR+ recommends this Music Theory Education / Guitar+ course for all players at all levels! A super program which gets a huge UniGTR+ thumbs up! Click here to go to Theory Master Web Site (Opens in New window).

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