Backing Track

Backing Track

Backing Track? Wanna SERIOUSLY Improve Your SOLOING on the Guitar? Yes indeed it must be said that this huge aid to guitar learning and playing is a lot easier and accessible today than it was a few years ago. This article tells you why you should be practising over tracks and lots of it! Includes links to some great resources you can check out – plus free trax and resource recommendations.


Backing Track Tales

I remember a few years ago when I was learning the guitar in the early days, and the only backing tracks I could get hold of  were ones I made myself.

I would setup my guitar and amp, effects and all that, and hit the red record button on a good old Cassette Tape Recorder.

Then I would play the same progression over and over again to make the recording as long as possible so that I wouldn’t have to keep rewinding the tape. I’d keep recording a loop until I made a mistake :).

It was a bit of a pain making them compared to what’s available nowadays. What with the advent of MIDI and the excellent MP3 capabilities we have now, well it’s a LOT easier to practice with backing tracks today. Plus of course you’re not stuck with just yourself to provide music to practice to, which really can restrict the guitar learning curve.

Wanna SERIOUSLY Improve Your SOLOING on the Guitar?

And practising soloing over a good backing track is a SERIOUSLY good way to improve your playing on the guitar. It’s as close as you’ll get to playing with a live band. It has the added distinct advantage that you can play the track over and over for hours on end and solo away to your hearts content, without needing your bandmates there.

It’s a great vibe finding a killer lick and working on it over the track until it’s right, trying it different ways and in different places, and perhaps knowing that you will be able to do it live say at a coming gig the following Friday! A great way to improve beyond doubt and a gig is the ultimate testing and improving ground.

Provides VITAL Ear-Training!

It’s a great tool for learning because it utilizes ear training which is lacking today in so many ‘tab-trained’ students – DON’T underestimate the power of ear training is the advice given here! Oh and it’s addictively enjoyable too.

So as you can guess, playing along with a great backing track is a big favorite here at UniGTR+ and is a serious recommendation to any players wanting to improve.

Advice given here? Forget your tab, notes, hemi-demi-semi quavers, notation and all that, and get seriously stuck into playing some brilliant solo pieces over your fave backing track!

MP3 Site Backing Tracks – more 2 follow …

Blues Jam Backing Track in A
CMaj Pent Scale Backing Track / Major Pentatonic Lesson


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