Blues Guitar Bending Lesson

Blues Guitar Bending Lesson

Here’s another excellent video lesson on Blues bending by Berklee’s Michael Williams. I love this guys lessons – he’s a very tasty player indeed, and always demonstrates and plays with the utmost quality – a real pro!

lues Bending Guitar Lesson Рpresented by Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Michael Williams.

The information given in this lesson is priceless for any would be Blueser or Rocker. How to bends strings properly using more than one finger is shown, and this will make ALL the difference in your tone.

It’s a real giveaway if you hear beginners or early players who don’t use all fingers to bend. The control is just not there and it always sounds a bit out of tune (or a lot).

He also covers bending the strings properly using half-step and whole-step bends. A great little exercise is shown to help practise bends using a slide then a bend, slide then a bend and so on. This is fantastic ear-training.

If you want to be a red-hot Blues player (or indeed any style where you use bends), well this info is crucial!

Top marks yet again to Berklee’s Mr. Williams.