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Coming Soon...

The Universal CD - please watch this space...

(I certainly will, it's bin' a while in the making ;-).







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Guild Applications

Due to further information this page is being restructered - Thank You

Money Penny width=51 height=45So your interested in making big money from your music. Well I'm totally on your side there, and I sincerely wish you all the best!

But the Music-Biz is notoriously difficult to penetrate effectively, and is a shark infested blue thingy as well! Anyway so much for the good side of it - just joking ;-).

Seriously tho', if you want to make an impact in this field, your chances of succeeding are increased immeasurably, if you have a guide to help you who's been there, done that and has the T-Shirt ironed and ready to go! Because...

The Music Business is a Business!

It's as simple as that, and sounds obvious I know, but it's amazing how many musicians don't take advantage of this simple little fact.


Good Luck Ø

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Thanks for reading, Coming Soon...


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